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Zach's Mineral Magic Tee

Zach's Mineral Magic Tee

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Wear Zach's Mineral Magic Tee to unite with neurodivergent individuals and Rebuild the Collective! Show your support in a friendly and approachable way while building a more unified society.

Introducing the Zach in a Box Mineral Wash Tee, a testament an iconic style and individuality. Inspired by the 80s underground music scene, this tee is a symbol of a resurgence, making a bold statement in fashion.

Crafted from 100% heavyweight cotton, the Zach in a Box Mineral Wash Tee offers a luxurious feel and outstanding durability, ensuring a comfortable and long lasting wear. The seamless, double needle crew collar adds to its classic appeal, providing both comfort and timeless style.

Hand dyed with precision, each Mineral Wash Tee undergoes a meticulous process, resulting in captivating and groovy aesthetics that exude an authentically retro vibe. Celebrating uniqueness, each shirt is a one of a kind piece, reflecting individuality in every stitch.

Embracing a regular fit and adorned with the Zach in a Box brand's signature label, this tee combines fashion and comfort seamlessly. Please note, slight color variations may occur due to the intricate dyeing process, adding to its distinctive charm.

At Zach in a Box, we celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our brand acknowledges and supports neurodivergent individuals, recognizing their remarkable strengths, particularly in software development. We take pride in providing a platform that welcomes and empowers individuals with diverse talents and perspectives.

The mineral wash pattern, a defining characteristic of this tee's vintage allure, might subtly show through the design, contributing to its unique and signature appearance. Embrace the nostalgia and style of the past with our Zach in a Box Mineral Wash Tee where classic fashion meets contemporary individuality.

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