Press Release for the Opening of Made with Love


Introducing "Made with Love": A Unique Shopify Store Showcasing Marvel, Artistic Greeting Cards, Our in house Branded Products, and Premium Furniture.

Aiken, South Carolina - May 20, 2023 - Made with Love, a new online Shopify store, is thrilled to announce its official launch, bringing a diverse range of products that combine creativity, craftsmanship, and a touch of Marvel magic. Based in the picturesque town of Aiken, South Carolina, Made with Love aims to provide customers with exceptional items that reflect the passion and dedication put into every creation.

Marvel enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, and furniture aficionados will find a haven in Made with Love's carefully curated selection. The store features six distinct categories, each offering unique and captivating products:

  1. Marvel Apparel and Drinkware: Made with Love understands the unwavering love and admiration fans have for Marvel superheroes. The store offers an extensive collection of officially licensed Marvel merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Marvel enthusiasts can also find an exciting range of drinkware featuring their favorite characters, perfect for showcasing their fandom in everyday life.

  2. Artistic Greeting Cards: With a strong belief in the power of thoughtful gestures, Made with Love introduces an exquisite assortment of artistic greeting cards. These cards are meticulously crafted to convey emotions, celebrate milestones, and foster connections. From birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between, Made with Love provides the ideal card to express sentiments straight from the heart.

  3. Premium Furniture: Made with Love's commitment to craftsmanship extends to the realm of home decor. The store proudly showcases a collection of premium furniture pieces that blend beauty, functionality, and durability. Each item is carefully made with exceptional materials, ensuring they become cherished pieces within any home or office space.

  4. Sweet Lin Jewelry - Glow Glass Night Lights: Sweet Lin Jewelry presents its mesmerizing Glow Glass Night Lights, carefully crafted to ease anxiety and create calming spaces. These beautifully designed night lights emit a soothing glow that fosters relaxation and tranquility, making them a perfect addition to any bedroom or living space.

  5. Holy Land - Augmented Reality for Apple's Vision Pro Headset: Holy Land is an innovative brand that is currently developing an augmented reality experience for Apple's Vision Pro headset. This cutting-edge technology will transport users to new realms, allowing them to explore immersive virtual landscapes and engage with captivating digital elements.

  6. Zach in a Box - Artwork from the Developer's Son Zachary: Zach in a Box is a heartwarming brand that features the artwork of the developer's son, Zachary. Each piece reflects the pure creativity and imagination of a child, offering a charming collection of art prints that add a touch of innocence and joy to any space.

"We are thrilled to introduce Made with Love to the world," said the founder of the store. "Our goal is to provide customers with a platform to discover and acquire exceptional products that have been made with immense care and love. We invite everyone to explore our store and find something truly special that speaks to their heart."

Made with Love is now open for business and eager to serve customers worldwide. To explore the captivating range of Marvel Apparel and Drinkware, Artistic Greeting Cards, and Premium Furniture.

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